Name Job title Department Role
Sabrina C. Agarwal Professor Department of Anthropology Faculty, Faculty Advisory Committee
Nadia Almasalkhi Edward E. Hildebrand Fellow, 2024 Department of Sociology Hildebrand Fellows, Researcher
Brad Barber Former board member Institute of Governmental Studies
Brian A. Barsky Professor Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences Faculty
Robert J. Birgeneau Chancellor Emeritus and the Silverman Professor of Physics, MSE and Public Policy Department of Physics Faculty, Faculty Advisory Committee
Irene Bloemraad Class of 1951 Professor Department of Sociology Faculty, Faculty Advisory Committee
Françoise Barnes Bonnell Board member U.S. Army Women's Museum External Advisory Board
Henry E. Brady Class of 1941 Monroe Deutsch Professor of Political Science and Public Policy Goldman School of Public Policy Faculty
William M. Burton Assistant professor Department of French Faculty
David Card Class of 1950 Professor of Economics Department of Economics Faculty
Karen Chapple Professor emerita Department of City & Regional Planning Faculty
Pradeep K. Chhibber Professor and Indo-American Community Chair in India Studies Department of Political Science Faculty
Claire Chun Edward E. Hildebrand Fellow, 2023 Department of Ethnic Studies Hildebrand Fellows
Jack Citrin Professor emeritus Department of Political Science Faculty
Daniel Aldana Cohen Assistant professor Department of Sociology Faculty
Lawrence Cohen Professor Department of Anthropology Faculty
Pavan Dhillon Board member Dhillon Immigration Law External Advisory Board
Sandrine Dudoit Professor Department of Statistics Faculty
Atousa Pahlevan-Duprat Board member External Advisory Board
Allison Evans Edward E. Hildebrand Fellow, 2023-24 Department of City & Regional Planning Hildebrand Fellows, Researcher
Kathryn Exon Smith Board member External Advisory Board
John G. Flanagan Dean and Professor School of Optometry Faculty
Nicholas A. R. Fraser John A. Sproul Fellow, 2021-22 Sproul Fellows
Cecil S. Giscombe Professor and Robert Hass Chair in English Department of English Faculty