• The Barnes Family has made a gift to Canadian Studies
    in memory of Prof. Thomas Garden Barnes.
    Click here to join them in supporting Canadian Studies.
  • Guests put pins in the map at Canadian Family Thanksgiving.
    Save the date: October 10, 2021.
  • Professor Irene Bloemraad speaks to Cal Alumni at 2018 Homecoming.
    Dr. Bloemraad’s talk was titled “Why Canadians Love Immigration and Americans Aren’t So Sure.”
  • Canadian Studies Faculty Co-Directors and Staff with the
    Right Honourable Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, in 2018.
    Photo by Adam Scotti
  • Each November, Canadian Studies is proud to serve as an
    official distribution point for traditional Canadian poppies.
  • Canadian Studies is proud to be the official keeper of the Canadian flag at UC Berkeley.

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Upcoming Events

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Professor Irene Bloemraad

Canadian Studies Program director Irene Bloemraad made an appearance on "Moving the Needle", a podcast exploring key issues facing Canada. She joined World…

Dr. Rebecca Wallace

Dr. Rebecca Wallace, a political scientist specializing in immigration and minority issues, officially joined the program this month as a John A. Sproul…