Frequently Asked Questions


General FAQs

What is the Canadian Studies Program?

The Canadian Studies Program is an interdisciplinary research center that promotes the study and research of Canada. We are one of the most active programs of our kind in the United States, with a mission encompasses funding research and public education on Canada at UC Berkeley.

Can I get a degree in Canadian Studies?

No, the Canadian Studies program does not enroll students or grant degrees (majors/minors).

Does Canadian Studies offer classes?

Canadian Studies does not offer classes. However, we do maintain a list of courses with a Canadian component hosted by other UC Berkeley departments here. Canadian Studies also provides funding to faculty to bring guest speakers to Berkeley through our Canada in the Classroom program.

For students

What can I receive funding for?

Canadian Studies will cover direct research costs associated with specific projects. These include, but are not limited to, travel expenses, supplies and equipment, and subscriptions and archive fees. The program will not cover general stipends, university fees, or in-state living expenses.

How do I apply?

Each fellowship and award has different requirements and deadlines. Please see the specific grant page for more information.

Who is eligible for funding?

All enrolled UC Berkeley students are eligible to apply for funding from Canadian Studies, regardless of major or discipline.

For faculty

Who is eligible to be a faculty affiliate?

Any permanent UC Berkeley faculty member with a research focus, personal background, or general interest in Canada is welcome to ask for affiliation.

What funding is available to faculty?

Canadian Studies offers two types of faculty funding: