Junko Habu

Job title: 
Department of Anthropology

Dr. Habu recieved her Ph.D. in anthropology from McGill University in Canada. She was also a part-time faculty lecturer in the Department of Anthropology at McGill. She co-authored an article about an excavation of a prehistoric Thule settlement on Somerset Island (Habu, J. and Savelle, J.M. 1994, "Construction, use and abandonment of a Thule Eskimo whale bone house, Somerset Island, Arctic Canada". Quaternary Research3(1):1-18. [Japan Association for Quaternary Research]).  She is currently the project leader of a transdisciplinary project "Long-term Sustainability through Place-Based, Small-Scale Economies," in which she collaborates with Canadian colleagues to investigate the resilience of past and present societies, including the prehistoric Thule Culture of the Canadian Arctic.