New Study Cites Research By Prof. Bloemraad, Shows Good Minority Representation in Canadian Government

Professor Irene Bloemraad

A new study published by the Institute for Research on Public Policy cities research on immigrant political inclusion conducted by our program director, Irene Bloemraad, to evaluate visible minority representation in the Canadian government. The study, by McGill University professor Jerome Black and Andrew Griffith of the Canadian Global Affairs Institute, reveals good integration of most immigrant-origin minorities, though it also highlights notable gaps for Black and Filipino Canadians.

Professor Black taught Professor Bloemraad during her undergraduate studies at McGill, and she credits him with sparking her interest in the immigrant inclusion research he cities in the new study. Pointing to Black's lasting influence on her academic trajectory, Bloemraad says this long-term relationship shows the crucial "importance of mentorship to keep Canadian Studies alive and well over time."

Read the study in Policy Options here.